Efficient Living: Tips for Lowering Utility Bills In Your New Home

Efficient Living: Tips for Lowering Utility Bills In Your New Home

Efficient Living: Tips for Lowering Utility Bills In Your New Home

In recent years, living as energy efficiently as possible has become a huge boost for anyone trying to save money. Not only is it awesome for the environment, but it can also reduce monthly bills to something far more manageable.

Whether you recently bought your home and want to pull it into shape, or you’re ready to change a property you’ve owned for years, these tips will help!

Putting the Sun to Work

It seems like summers are getting longer and hotter, so why not use that sunlight? Solar power is an awesome tool that pays for itself and can offer tax benefits for some homeowners.

Check with your HOA first, but most owners can put solar panels in less visible areas, depending on which direction their home faces. This will allow them to use this energy instead of adding to their power bill, and it can be an awesome start.

Investing In Your Building Materials

Efficient Living: Tips for Lowering Utility Bills In Your New Home

The materials you choose will make a huge difference in how well your remodel works. High-quality, sustainable materials that are rated for energy efficiency are a great place to start.

Using materials like insulated concrete forms can save a lot of money in the long run while reducing this project’s length. These boost energy efficiency and make sure your property is built to last.

Sealing And Insulation

The better sealed your property is, the lower your energy bill will be. Sealing everything from the roof down keeps out temperature changes, moisture, insect life, rot, and so much more.

“Upgrading to a new roof isn’t just about protection—it’s about cutting down on energy bills too. With better insulation and energy-efficient materials, it’s an investment that keeps your home cozy and your expenses in check.“ Jeff Gutherie of Prescott Roofing Company

Adding a great roof is an excellent way to lower your monthly bills and help your entire property start on the right foot.

Updating Older Areas of Your Property

Efficient Living: Tips for Lowering Utility Bills In Your New Home

Which areas of your property need the most work? Consider the lifespan of each portion of your property and whether it needs to be updated before then. Siding will last between fifteen to twenty-five years, roofs can last at least thirty depending on materials, and a garage door needs to be updated every fifteen to twenty years.

An increasingly popular investment among homeowners is enlisting the expertise of a professional for property inspections. This is ideal even if you’re not selling since they can tell you what needs work and what’s in great condition. If you’re new to renovation, this type of professional can be exactly what you need.

Adding Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency doesn’t always have to be built in!   Sometimes, the best energy-efficient addition can be appliances. How old is your washer and dryer? What about your fridge or dishwasher? Updating these can allow your property to run on far less energy and give you the chance to add some value to your home.

Remember that you should try to sell, donate, or recycle your current appliances instead of trashing them. There’s more to sustainability than just buying new things.

Keeping Your Home’s Exterior In Mind

One of the most important things to remember is curb appeal. Buyers can decide whether or not they want a home simply by how the exterior looks. Of course, you should maintain your grass and ensure your driveway and walkways are in great condition, but there’s much more to remember.

If your home has standing water, consider landscape drainage grates. These will pull water down and away, guiding it wherever you need it to go and saving the look of your entire property.

Using Smart Lighting and Features

Smart lighting and other smart features can make a huge difference in a property! Not only do these add some luxury to your home, ensuring that it’s a more exciting place to live, but they’ll also lower your energy bills over time.

This can mean smart lighting that works based on your schedule and the natural lighting already in a room, or it could mean adding a smarter thermostat that will work on your schedule. Remember that technology is there to make living easier, so go for things that boost your energy efficiency and sustainability!

You Can Lower Your Energy Bills In No Time

Efficient Living: Tips for Lowering Utility Bills In Your New Home

If the average homeowner updates these areas of their property, they can lower their monthly energy bills. Consider following these tips, and check out Wild Horse Estates for more inspiration!

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