Texas Countryside Living

Texas Countryside Living

Looking for a new home but aren’t sure where to start? There is one state we recommend to you, Texas. Texas is one of America’s largest states and is divided into 7 distinct areas. We want you to have as many choices as possible when it comes to where to set down roots, so let’s jump right into the reasons why wild horse estates in bullard, tx is the place to be. Ideally situated on a private and tranquil lot, this property rests on a serene street, offering tranquility while being just a mere 20′ drive away from the bustling city center. Bullard, a thriving city with a population exceeding 4,000 residents, is renowned for its lively atmosphere, close-knit community, top-notch educational institutions, and flourishing business sector. Bullard, situated merely 10 miles to the south of Tyler, Texas, provides its residents with the advantage of being in close proximity to a larger city. Tyler offers a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, ensuring that residents have access to a wide range of amenities. The drive from Bullard to Tyler typically takes approximately 15 minutes, allowing residents to effortlessly experience the best of both worlds. Discover the epitome of luxurious living at Wild Horse Estates, a prestigious residential project nestled in the serene and pristine natural surroundings of Bullard, Texas, USA. Spanning an impressive land area of 23,000 square meters, this exclusive development offers a tranquil oasis reminiscent of a countryside retreat.

Texas Countryside Living

Key benefits of texas countryside living

  • Demographics

Bullard is a city characterized by its diversity, encompassing a blend of families, young professionals, and retirees. The residents of this city are highly educated, with a significant proportion holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The average age of the population is approximately 39 years old, and the median household income stands at around $65,000.

  • Potential of growth in job

The job sector in bullard, tx is experiencing a significant surge, thanks to the influx of tech companies in major cities. Even if you’re not inclined towards the tech industry, there are abundant opportunities in various fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, and construction.

  • Schools

Bullard is under the jurisdiction of the Bullard Independent School District, renowned for its unwavering dedication to academic superiority. The district has garnered acclaim for its robust educational initiatives and devoted faculty, consistently securing its position as one of the top educational institutions in the state.

  • Nature, waterfronts, outdoors, wineries & recreational activities

The region is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, boasting over a dozen state parks for visitors to explore. With limestone ledges, flowing rivers, and lush foliage, the area offers a serene escape from everyday life. Bullard is home to several popular attractions, such as the American Freedom Museum, Dewberry Plantation, and Eagle’s Bluff Country Club. Moody Family Wines is a winery and gift shop located in Bullard, TX. Kiepersol Winery is a popular destination just outside the city.

  • Community

The region is known for its charm and hospitality, making it easy to discover a friendly and established community.

  • Advantages of texas countryside living

1. Tranquility and serenity: Rural regions provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere, far from the fast-paced and chaotic city life.

2. Affordable living expenses: Typically, the cost of living in rural areas is lower compared to urban areas, encompassing housing expenses as well.

3. Strong sense of community: Rural areas frequently foster close-knit communities where individuals are acquainted with and assist one another.

4. Proximity to nature: Residing in rural Texas grants individuals the opportunity to connect with natural surroundings and engage in outdoor pursuits.

Texas Countryside Living

  • Appeal of Texas country lifestyle

Texas is an expansive state, spanning thousands of miles and surpassing the size of France and numerous other countries worldwide. While numerous individuals opt to reside in Texas’s bustling metropolises, where towering skyscrapers and bustling commercial hubs abound, there are those who favor immersing themselves in the tranquil countryside lifestyle that Texas has to offer.

The appeal of the Texas countryside living lies in its unmatched natural beauty, affordability, and unique culture. Residents wake up surrounded by the state’s stunning landscapes, free from the hustle and bustle of city life. Away from urban centers, spacious properties are more accessible, offering large homes at prices comparable to city condos. Moreover, the tight-knit communities, delicious local food, and friendly neighbors in rural Texas towns create a welcoming environment for those seeking an outdoorsy and community-oriented way of life.


  • About wild horse estates

When it comes to family, home, and estate, the best way to get where you want to go is to get to know who you are and what you want to accomplish. That’s why, from the first moment we meet, we treat you as if you were a part of the family. We build strong relationships that lasts a lifetime. Located at 13046 Farm to Market Road 346, Wild Horse Estates benefits from an enviable position that perfectly complements the world of real estate construction. The project strategically leverages its prime location and orientation, offering residents easy access to renowned educational institutions, research facilities, universities, and other vital organizations within the realm of real estate development. We are offering luxurious homes in Bullard, Tx under $400,000.